Ivy Wang

Position: Art Director
Company: ANC Advertising

To whom it may concern

I run a design company and I had contact with Oliver Defrance from Asia West business consultancy a few weeks ago for a business talk. I discovered that he is aggressive in business and has ambitious but realistic ideas.

He gave me many solutions to help me to run my business much better. I took him with me to see some of my clients and their opinions were all the same as mine. He's not only involved in solving problems, but also really concerned about all aspects of the business, such as finding the right buyers or customers for his clients, giving impressive marketing ideas, analyzing finances to cut expenses and generate profit, organizing and motivating and training all the staff.

He created a media department in my company and he reorganized the entire company policy, changing almost everything. In a few weeks he increased my turnover and net profit, and the staff are also highly motivated.

There is no doubt that if you meet him, you too will be very impressed by his abililty to find fast solutions for fast-moving business; be ready for that!

Ivy Wang