The Mermaid-Aquaculture sells the know-how and technology of RAS systems for high-performance super-intensive fish farming. Such as design, technology, biological control and after sales service from the start of production and beyond.

The services offered by Mermaid-Aquaculture are tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.

The worldwide shortage of fresh fish offers rewarding opportunities for investors interested in land-based aquaculture. Especially the re-circulating aquaculture shows huge development potential.

"Take advantage of unique synergic effects by combining your biogas plant with Mermaid Aquaculture technologies."
A particular advantage of co- siting with a biogas plant is the year-round demand of the heat energy needed by fish farming operation can be supplied with the waste heat generated by the biogas plant. The existing staff of a biogas plant could easily be trained and allocated for the technical support and control of the aqua-culture system.

Mermaid-Aquaculture GmbH supports you as a strong partner. You will benefit from our experience and expertise in all aspects within the field of modern aqua-culture. For over 20 years we have developed and supplied our renowned multi- species RAS technology’s worldwide.

Mermaid-Aquaculture level 1
The interest in the protection of the environment and progressive legislation for the prevention of water pollution motivated us specialists to improve on the existing methods for fish breeding in recirculation aquaculture systems. We have therefore merged known technology components with our experience in advanced technology development and associated the related conventional know-how in addition with our knowledge and scientific principles.

As a result thereof Mermaid Aquaculture has developed a reliable, super-intensive recirculation salt and fresh water fish farming system for easy Global establishment.


Next-Level 2 Next-Level 2 is our newest and biggest development to assure the highest production of RAS productivity. The double-deck layout of the tank and filter arrangement assures twice the volume of fish produced with almost the same demand of floor space. In its fundamentals this layout is based on the proven elements and experience of level-1 units, we’ve invented in the late 80's. Since then we continuously developed and improved this technology to become the best known of its kind. This very economical solution is possible because the unique design and numerous functions of the production tanks, the carrying support structure and thereby it ensures free accessibility to all areas within this system at all times.

The realization of several aquaculture facilities in multiple level arrangements (2-6 tank floors on 2-3 levels) was initiated and taken in operation Nov. 2013 in Xiamen / China and now available as turn-key or DIY technologies at various locations worldwide.

Our services:

The services offered by Mermaid-Aquaculture are tailored to exactly meet the demand and expectations of our customers. Everything is oriented customer-friendly, plausible and safe, we say "easy":

The planning,

The installation,

The operation.

Our standard system NEXT-LEVEL-2 is most ideal to produce a variety of commonly known aqua-cultured species but performs with highest output figures with air breathing species like the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus Lat.). The standard system is nicely balanced, naturally aerated and degassed. With Mermaid Aquaculture’s O²-adding systems a farm's production can be increased significantly. Fluctuating O² concentrations are equalized and the performances of the biological filters in use are also increased

Naturally, now the trend is tending towards larger systems and more into industrialized forms. Also our technology offers the ability of merging to industrial sizes. To avoid unexpected new problems that could occur by for example with simply enlarging the tanks or by linear increasing the pipe and cable network, we rely on the easy multiplication of our renowned tested and proven modular system. The plant "NEXT-LEVEL-2“ is already prepared to double in size.

Self spoken we provide the necessary after sales service by training, teaching and support in the early stages. The level of support is lined out in our management support contract.

If you wish, we are also support you in marketing your fish products from the site.

So you see, aquaculture can be really easy!