Digital Millennium Corp.
7900 Morley ĘC Suite 4261

Houston, Texas 77061March 18, 2005To

Whom It May Concern;

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Oliver Defrance. I am thrilled to benefit from the experience, expertise and competitive insight that Oliver brings to every project he touches.

During my many years of business experience, I have conducted business with individuals worldwide and have found Oliver to be a rare jewel. Oliver seems to possess an uncanny talent for quickly and accurately identifying weak areas in a project. He then confronts the problem and creates a series of practical reality-based business solutions to solve it. He also excels at defining the most competitive and cost-effective strategy by which to position a product above its competitors.

During the six months that Oliver has been advising me on my company projects, I have developed a great deal of trust and confidence in his judgment. Oliver's recommendations are carefully and thoroughly contemplated and his strategies insure maximum effectiveness when executed in any competitive business arena.

It is with much confidence and praise that I offer this letter of recommendation about Oliver and his expertise. He has truly planted my company on the fast-track to success and gained my confidence and respect. I now consult with Oliver before major meetings and before making any major business decision.Oliver is truly " on top of his game".


A. Henderson, Founder & President
Digital Millennium Corp.
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