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Special Houssing

New house built Pyramid log in Madagascar, 58M2 houses built in 12 days.

Light steel villas

Houses para cyclonic these highly resistant homes can withstand winds of 250km / h and very economical. Group AsiaWest is now the only company worldwide to offer para cyclonic houses and to deliver them fully finished, including floor tiles or wooden floor defying all competition worldwide including China.

Light steel villa 55M2

Light steel villa 67M2

Steel frame of all surfaces but also adjusts to a vertical construction building


Bungalow WPC (plastic) removable and can realize the 19.8M2 for winter camping or markets, without the need for planning permission.

The advantages of  our Eco-garden House:
1. No maintenance in future, no painting.
2. Longer life: 10 years for the normal BPC/WPC products, 15 years for the Co-extruded products.
3. Colorful: can make several shine colors with no any painting.
4. Flame retardant performance can reach B2 level.
5. Recyclable: Eco-friendly, protect our forest.
6. Can be installed fast and easily.
7. Anti-termite and Anti-mildew.
8. Earthquake-proof and wind resistance.
9. Don’t need the second decoration: you can move into directly after finished installation.
10. Don’t contain the formaldehyde.
11. Can be removed to different place.
12. Differential thermal analysis : about 20℃-30℃。

Tools and materials

A whole range of compressors and generators with CE, contact us for powers.

Ladders, large decks or scaffolding for construction, while a great choice for your wor

Drill, nailer, pneumatic drill, and accessories with CE, contact us to see our whole series


Children Products

Strollers in stock, no minimum quantity on this product one color available beige, with CE, please contact us for the remaining number of the stock and the price



Prepare your summer, you are a hotel at the water's edge desiring to serve your customers, why not offer them, or rent a paddle board to entertain

Sports and Leasures

Electric cars golf 2 or 4 places, consult us for other models

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