The concept

Striped blue with white or blue dominance background and with a design that is the most sold in the world, simply see around you, especially during the spring, summer

Ethics logo

A logo in the navigation bar, a pure French name, which is the real name of the designer born in Paris. A simple logo and chic who consistently gives a navy identit

Rank or gallon

The marketing idea is that ODP provides the ability to display its position as the navy or the army on the garment. He begins his first purchase corporal and rose in rank to each purchase of the brand to why not become general. ODP grades will be posted on our future website.
If the consumer decides to show his rank (in the form of small pin) on the garment, he will greet another senior to him or the other if they intersect consumer

Sergent chef

The touch memory or identity has its region

On the top back of the garment T-shirt ODP can be printed on a region or a country with its symbol, eg (Paris, the Eiffel Tower).


The quality and price

High quality 100% cotton, dyed t-shirt ODP remains quite affordable.


ODP will offer its distributors a broad marketing support including brochures, point of sale displayed on its future web site and other marketing materials provided in the near future.

Become Exclusive Distributor

To become exclusive distributor in your area, your order must be a minimum of 1000 pieces.
For more information on the product, the marketing concept, please contact us.