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Expert in wines, Olivier Defrance selection and story (This story can be proved on simple request).

French native, at 17 years old Olivier Defrance started working in his past for top standard Casino Restaurant where he was the only first and youngest French person under age in France (and probably in the world) authorized to work for a Casino restaurant in getting a unique authorization of the French ministry.
He after that worked for 5 stars Palace hotels where he learned about wines and spirituous in working with No 1 French sommeliers (expert in tasting wine). Olivier Defrance was even suggesting in his career to singers, actors and politicians he met including president of USA of what to drink to pair with their food.
Today the Olivier Defrance selection label is a complete trust of quality according price of wines and spirituous or food you might taste or purchase.

Products selected by Olivier Defrance even if it is 1 star label means you already have the right choice and product in hands according quality and price. Products selected from Olivier Defrance are carefully studied and tasted before proposed to you.

Royal Hotel clients where Olivier Defrance worked (left of the photo George W. Bush president of United States, right French president Jacques Chirac).

Bellow are photos of some Establishments where Olivier Defrance worked all 5 stars palace hotels and above .

Below are some clients in the career of Olivier Defrance

G¨¦rard Depardieu French Actor

Herv¨¦ Villard French Singer

MC Solaar French Singer

Michel Leeb French Humorist

Nicoletta French Singer

Patrick Juvet Swiss singer

Paul Newman American Actor

Helmut Kohl Germany Prime Minister

Jean Chr¨¦tien Canada Prime Minister

John Major England Prime Minister

Ryutaro Hashimoto Japan Prime Minister

Viktor Tchernomyrdine Russian Prime Minister

Jaques Santer EC President

Richard Nixon USA President

Nicolas Peyrac French singer


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