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Modern wooden house and concept bar Gazebo

New wooden designs a very fashion wooden house and an attractive gazebo bar to place in a garden and to enjoy with a drink with friends or simply to be used for commerce in a camping, beach or else

Please consult us for more details

Infrared heater for indoor or outdoor

Infrared Patio Heater
Size: 400 x 190 x 306mm
Aluminum Shell
Black / White /Green/Silver/Antique Silver Color
OutDoor Style IP54
Near Infrared Rays 5-10M
Widely Using for Heating & Lighting
It can be fixed with Bracket
Heater Stand is Available
120V/235V, 1000W-1300W, 50Hz
VDE H07RN-F 3G 1.0mm2x3, L 5M
Crystallite Glass
Gold Coated Lamp/Ruby Lamp Please consult us to see more¡­

LED screen Feel it like in a real stadium

LED screen can be used as TV for indoor in almost any sizes you want. Perfect for advertising billboard for events or outdoors billboard. Simply great to place in a pub, camping, to share a football match with people

Contact us for information

Green houses

Strong aluminum frame with gutter system
4mm UV protected twin wall polycarbonate sheet is light, strong, safe, and virtually unbreakable and easy to handle.
1mm galvanized steel base can ensure maximum stability of your greenhouse.
Single sliding door and one or two adjustable windows for excellent ventilation
Easy to assemble and DIY per the assembly instructions

Composite Flooring, barriers and multiple concepts

A solid HDPE composite decking board for floor or barriers or pergola for outdoor that can be also used in various applications and designs

Contact us for full detail

Face Steamer world patent

Clean deep skins, activate shin, nourish skin, abate melanin, whiten skin, tighten skin, and reduce wrinkle.
Sliming face, local sliming and contract pores, reduce whelk, dairy care, improve skin.
Lighten muscles pain, and release disgorging.
Improve metabolism and immunity, leave something caducity
Abate the tire on neck, lighten joint pain, hold back bone increasing, eliminate itching.
Abate any trouble from bad health improve sleeping
Can be tried as some sickness assist treatment that suitable to sauna and massage. Humidity air, supply ion, fresh air

And also this item has got the world patent: PCT/CN 2007/000271 ZL 2006 2 0086708. 4.  

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