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Special shipping promotion

Your LCL container price range ocean freight $20 per M3 from any major ports in China to Major ports like: Rotterdam, Le Havre, Antwerp, Felixstowe, Southampton, Kobe, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Hong Kong and Singapore.

For full container from China to the rest of the world or Airfreight, please consult us for price for extraordinary rates.

Special housing Haiti and Chile

Group AsiaWest selected as the best organization in supplying and finding right solutions to rebuild Haiti and Chile after devastator earthquake at extremely low cost.

Before fire
On fire
After fire

Earthquake construction and solution, fireproof, this house has been spray of gasoline, see the result after fire, Impresive No? Nothing colapsed and wall are ready to be repainted only, also light and extremely resistant, contact us to know more


Group AsiaWest offer solution to your housing from refugee tents, prefabricated house, wooden house, modular house or ecology solution. Please contact us for full information or study of your project.

GPS Trackers

Revolutionary the GPS tracker will help you to find your lost child or an elderly person, your pet and exist also for stolen car etc.

Please contact us for more information


Control model, Smart electric motor. 
Rated power of motor: 250W/2*250W
Can Load 120kg
Battery: 36V/12Ah lead-acid
Range per charge: 25km
Charge time: 4 - 8 hrs.
Charge voltage: AC90V-260V


An easy game to play originated from France. You can play Petanque on every surface and every where, on the sand, in a beach, in a grass ground, cement, etc.
You doní»t need to pay a subscription in a club to play. Just take your friends along with you in your garden or any park for example and play.
Rules are very simple to play for the entire family from kids to grand mother they will all love it.


Painting replica

Look extremely expensive but does not cost much, replica of exceptional Artists around the world. Impress your relatives with exceptional paint frames or just offer it as promotional gift.

Solar Fridge

NEW solar fridge with solar panel adaptable to a series of fridges, contact us for full details.

UV Card

To be used to know what solar cream indices to apply for the summer, this little UV card can be also a useful promotional item at very little price

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