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Coup de Coeur! Featured!

New coming


Arriving soon¡­

Designed and manufactured by Group AsiaWest

This little Eco-Friendly bottle is going to revolutionize the world of water!

This NEW bottle and NEW filter are still under patent that¡¯s why we don¡¯t even show you the inside of the bottle! In a few simple words the ¡®Special Filter¡¯ placed inside will allow you to remove the DIRTY POLLUTED or CHEMICAL water such as swimming pool or from a pond water to change to CLEAN SAFE Drinking Water! Even more¡­ this bottle will be able to provide you with all the necessary elements such as minerals, vitamins and much more that our bodies need on a daily basis. This product is under all EEC norms in the food industry such FDA and other organizations.

Used in the sport, camping, children safety or military, promotional gifts, this Eco-friendly bottle is going to have a worldwide reputation soon!

Be the FIRST and Contact us for more details and RESERVE your units NOW¡­!!!


New Yamaha Jet Ski replica

The 1100cc ¡®Jet Ski¡¯ looks like a Ferrari of the sea and it actually it is¡­¡­¡­ but the difference is its price, this HIGH QUALITY replica is at half the price than any other similar ¡®Jet Ski¡¯. Do you know any Ferrari at half price of the original one?!!!!

Contact us for more information on this gem!

Photovoltaic and Solar panel

PV Sunshade system

PV roof system
PV facade system
PV Villa system

Still on the top of sales

¡®Photovoltaic¡¯ and ¡®Solar Panels¡¯ are today in more and more demand, used from lighting power, heater system, and many other form of energy as examples.
Don¡¯t miss the opportunity of an important market and contact us as we are supplying in bulk quantity our price drops down!

Contact us for more details¡­

New Mobile Phone!

The world toughest mobile phone! XP3 is an unlocked GSM phone with Bluetooth. IP-57 certified. Protected against shocks, drops, rough treatment, water, dust, and extreme temperatures. Includes: phone, battery, travel charger, belt clip, manual. No push-to-talk.


Unusual Kneading massage chair!

Transport it with you everywhere you go! Used in a car with adaptor to the Cigarette lighter or simply at Home, in the Office or anywhere ¨C very practical in this modern age! This ¡®Kneading¡¯ massage chair cushion is simply great way to relax at any moment! The price is extremely LOW!


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