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Article written by Chaz (Xiamen wave)

Since its establishment over 25 years ago, Group AsiaWest has been committed to delivering quality products at low prices with unparalleled service and professionalism. Group AsiaWest is a global provider of over 400,000 products ranging from cosmetics and vehicles to electronics and modular houses, all of which conform to the strictest international standards of safety and quality. In 1993, Group AsiaWest set-up operations in China and has since then attracted the business of retail behemoths Carrefour and Auchan, cosmetics giant LĄŻOreal and computer titan Dell. Since then, Group AsiaWest has become one of the worldĄŻs largest companies linking both East and West.

Group AsiaWest provides clients with viable and sustainable import/export solutions while their highly developed logistics department ensures prompt delivery of every product. In keeping with their commitment to unparalleled service and professionalism, Group AsiaWest subjects every product they sell to the most rigorous of tests and inspections in order to guarantee that every product sold is only of the highest quality. Group AsiaWest also has years of experience in helping develop innovative distribution channels and tailoring marketing solutions to even the toughest and most demanding of client needs.

In 2011, a continual pledge to the protection of our environment led Group AsiaWest to expand its business to include the Olivier Defrance Paris line of earth-friendly beachwear. This new sleek line of beachwear includes beach bags, shoes, sunglasses and a highly fashionable line of clothing for both men and women. Expect to find the Olivier Defrance Paris brand beachwear line wherever fine clothing is sold. The Group is still seeking for distributors in some countries for this beachwear line.

Group AsiaWest also proved its dedication to product innovation and nature this year by investing in the manufacture of wooden ecological modular homes. These homes provide the buyer with an eco-friendly cost-efficient alternative to traditional home purchases. Modular homes are built in components called Ą°modulesĄ± in a climate-controlled facility and are shipped from the factory up to 90% complete straight to the home site. All walls, flooring, ceilings, stairs, carpeting, flooring, kitchen islands and cabinets, sinks, mirrors, appliances, fireplaces, moldings, doors and windows are completed by Group AsiaWestĄŻs eco-friendly contracted factories on premises before shipment. By purchasing an eco-friendly modular home, buyers can save up to 40% and also give something back to Mother Earth.

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