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General News

Important notice, Tax rebate
We are very glad to inform you since few weeks we now benefit the taxes refund from Chinese government, that mean to you all our pricing are NOW much cheaper than before. If you found us in the pass too expensive in some products or if you are also an actual client please review with us quotation we sent you, it can be deducted to almost 7%


Consulting offshore service

Pay fewer taxes in your country is that possible?

Many international businessmen prefer to register an offshore company instead of registering in local companies, there are indeed some advantages. As well you will be able to open an offshore bank account. Offshore companies are completely legal and can be created in 2 or 3 working days, it is not expensive and give you great advantages such as 0% tax our consulting service has registered many offshore Companies for our clients.

To know more about please consult us!


Advertising or Sponsored link

We are considering modifying our website soon and you will be allowed to insert adverting or get linked form our website, under certain conditions. Please consult us for pricing since it depend of page visited. Remember that people visiting our website are average or very wealthy people and directly involved in the business.



New range of LED LCD from 18.5" LCD TV to 55" FHD LCD at extremely competitive price and high quality, contact us to see the all catalogue.

Stone Btocks and related

We are now importing directly in China Onyx marble and travertine blocks, this allow us to reduce considerably our price for tiles, furniture, funeral monuments or else. If you want us to quote your design do not hesitate to contact us you will be agreeably surprise by our pricing and available a while range of colors



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